Transforming Capital Project Management

Optimize efficiency | Minimize risks | Achieve success

EPC and Construction Projects in Energy and Infrastructure are increasingly complex. Build them on time and within budget.

Cybereum next-gen project management uses AI/ML and distributed ledger technology


Rich Data Insights & Intelligent UI/UX

Ground-breaking presentation of complex relationships & analytics above and beyond Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Analyse milestone criticality, risk profiles, and resource allocation.


Better Forecasting & Planning Accuracy

Timely identification of potential delays & issues

Measure, risk, impact, centrality, and outlier paths

Learn from past projects with ML. Recommendations with AI


Real-time Risk Management & Early Warning 

AI/ML interactive risk tool, adapted from rigorous engineering risk management methodologies.

Accounts for Black Swans

Risk-adjusted outlier paths and critical path.


Optimize Workflows, Manage Obligations

Designed and tailored for complex major projects.

Sync and optimize schedules, roles & responsibilities, and payments creating a self-regulating governance system.


Transparency & Collaboration

Collective planning & execution with Integrated Master Schedules

Trusted single-source-of-truth & verifiable consensus using Blockchain Technology.


Efficiency, Scalability, Interoperability

Graph database back-end is highly efficient and more representative of projects than DBMS used by legacy systems.

Scalable to handle large complex projects.

Integration for MS Project available; P6 and Procore coming soon.

Recognized Innovators in Capital Project Management

Explore our publications and patents that showcase our groundbreaking approach

Architecture Paper

Discover our peer-reviewed paper published by ACM, detailing our innovative architecture.

AI-Based Forecasting

Learn about our AI-based forecasting methods in this peer-reviewed paper published by PMJ.

US11227282 (Jan 2022)

Explore our granted patent for our innovative DLT project governance platform architecture

 US11074294 (Jul 2021)

Dive into our granted patent, showcasing our groundbreaking methods and approach.

Project Risk Management

We contributed to building a Body of Knowledge in IT Project Risk Management.

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