cybereum is the distributed network and collective intelligence that will enable humanity to build its future.




Projects are a critical and growing component of global GDP, delivering vital infrastructure that supports modern society. However, most projects are inefficient, with only a small fraction meeting the planned budget, schedule, and benefits.

Using AI/ML, blockchain and other advanced technologies, cybereum helps stakeholders securely and efficiently manage complex projects and make data-driven decisions. With cybereum, we can improve project success rates and create a better future for all.

We have several granted patents, and papers in prestigious journals describing our machine learning and blockchain technology.

On the cybereum™ platform, you can create self-regulating project networks with automated contract execution and value exchange. Our platform uses consensus-based distributed technology and AI to create a responsive, symbiotic system that holistically manages all stakeholders, contracts, and milestones.

With our unique combination of incentive engineering and cryptographic methods, we are creating a trustless and secure platform for managing complex projects.