Project Governance Platform- self-regulating & distributed

Distributed network and collective intelligence that will enable humanity to build its future.

Our collaborative efforts will shape the course of our endeavors and the outcome of our grand designs.

Cybereum - Critical Path 2.0 Features

Elevate Your Project Management with Critical Path 2.0

Complexity Management

Cybereum addresses complexity with advanced analytics, ML forecasting, and AI-driven insights.

Clear Visibility

Leaders have real-time visibility over project metrics for timely decision-making with customizable dashboards.

EVM 2.0

Enhanced Earned Value Management with detailed risk loaded EV curves forecasted at the planning stage and updated with progress.

Integrated Data

We integrate all project data and participants, ensuring seamless access and collaboration.

Critical Path 2.0

Holistic governance: Identify all critical and near-critical paths, bottlenecks, and critical activities across schedule and project network to ensure precise control and better decision-making.

Early Issue Detection

Predictive analytics enable early detection and proactive management of potential issues.

Unified Infrastructure

Our robust data architecture supports comprehensive project management with real-time tracking and adaptive dashboards.


Our platform eliminates reporting issues, providing a trusted single source of truth for all stakeholders through intuitive, customizable dashboards.

Progressive Discovery

Information is accessible and summarized appropriately for all users, enhancing decision-making with advanced dashboards.

Self-regulating and Intelligent

On the cybereum™ platform, you can create self-regulating project networks with automated contract execution and value exchange. Our platform uses consensus-based distributed technology and AI to create a responsive, symbiotic system that holistically manages all stakeholders, contracts, and milestones.

With our unique combination of incentive engineering and cryptographic methods, we are creating a trustless and secure platform for managing complex projects.


We are building a self-regulating project governance platform for multiple stakeholders to collectively plan and collaboratively deliver complex engineering and construction projects.


We will tokenize project-generated value, creating new possibilities for project funding, ownership, and delivery.



Our platform incorporates environmental, social, and governance goals into smart contracts at project milestones, ensuring transparency and accountability.



This results in more cost-effective, efficient, and transparent projects that create value for all stakeholders.





Distributed cybernetic system

Capital projects are complex and require coordination between multiple organizations. Traditional centralized management systems are ineffective for these complex projects, but our DLT technology enables distributed management, collective planning, and collaborative execution. This results in self-regulating projects with a single, verifiable source of truth. Our platform combines master schedules, project contracts, and payments into a single system with verifiable consensus across all participants and uses decentralized AI to assist with forecasting and intelligence.

This is described in detail along with the platform’s requirements and architecture in our paper.