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Project Management

Comprehensive end-to-end project management services that ensure your projects are completed on time, within scope and budget. Our data-driven approach to project planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure adapts to your organization's unique requirements, ensuring projects are completed on time, within scope, and within budget.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies to minimize their impact on project success. Our ML & Analytics enable you to evaluate potential threats, analyze their likelihood and consequences, and develop tailored action plans to safeguard your projects.


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There is a pattern in the chaos of complexity; machine learning unveils its secrets, guiding projects through turbulent seas towards the shores of success.

ML-Powered Forecasting

We offer a unique forecasting service that uses machine learning to predict project performance and reduce risk. Our service identifies and optimizes key project parameters, leading to improved efficiency and better portfolio selection. Trust our proven ML technology to help you make informed decisions and achieve successful project outcomes.

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AI-powered optimization

Utilize AI-powered risk assessment to identify potential threats and develop effective mitigation strategies during portfolio planning and scheduling. Our expertise in AI-enhanced risk management evaluates potential risks, analyzes their likelihood and consequences, and creates tailored action plans to safeguard your projects.


Even the wisest cannot foresee the outcomes of all paths, yet with the aid of AI and machine learning, we may glimpse into the shadows of the future.

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Next-Gen Dashboards

Our analytics integrates with our dashboards to create unprecedented visibility to project tasks and activities. Our next-gen dashboards marry tracking with key metrics about risk and impact.

Cybernetic Project Control System

Our progress tracking uses integrated performance analysis and predictive analytics to provide real-time insights into project progress. This allows for proactive change management and effective responses to potential issues. Our methods are a significant improvement over EVM and ensure that project execution stays on track and delivers the best possible results.


Sustainable capital projects can integrate transparency, accountability, and efficiency using our DLT and network analysis, prioritizing external stakeholders. This harmonious integration fuels project success and creates a lasting legacy for future generations

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Milestone Management

Out analytics and ML identify, forecast, track, and manage key milestones.

Sustainable Practices

Integrate sustainable practices and network analysis into your capital projects to reduce environmental impact and promote long-term value creation. Our team helps you incorporate environmentally friendly strategies, adhere to green standards, and optimize stakeholder relationships using advanced network analysis techniques and DLT.

Project Stages Dashboard

We can help Maximize Return on Capital through All project stages


Identify Opportunities


Portfolio fit

Obtain data from past projects

Data analytics to identify cost & time drivers

Select Projects


Quantify/Reduce Portfolio & Outlier risk across projects

Integrated Portfolio Schedule

Detailed Planning

Project Planning

AI/ML forecasting

Project Network optimization

Master Schedule

Investment decision

Effective Execution

Predictive analytics - emergent issues

Determination of change impact to cost & schedule

Deliver Project

Rigorous project data collection

Project accounting

Lessons learned


Quantify risk for Decision to Bid

Obtain data from past projects


Bid Planning

Schedule Risk

Inputs for Holdback & Buffers

Identify schedule risk

Project Planning

Work Package identification

Path & Project Buffers

Manage completion

Effective Execution

Predictive analytics - emergent issues

Leading indicators - Delayed & upcoming tasks

Forecasted EV curves etc.

Deliver Project

Rigorous project data collection

Manage claims

Project accounting

Lessons learned

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We are developing the next generation of project governance tools using AI & Machine Learning (ML) and data analytics methods to improve capital project cost & schedule outcomes.

Our research on the application of AI and ML to cost and schedule risk forecasting has been published in leading Journals such as the Project Management Journal (PMJ).